Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crazy Women on "The View" v. Evolution

I’ve never been a big fan of The View. It just seems to be another crappy show spin-off of Oprah, just like Dr. Phil. But there is now one person on that show that I can tolerate: Joy. She is the only one in this cat fight that does not make some ignorant claim about the teaching of “Darwinism” (just call it evolution). Sherri is a complete idiot and I feel very sorry for her kid. Just because you’re a Christian does not mean that you should make your kid ignorant of the central theory in biology b/c jebus doesn’t like it. Hopefully Joy has actually looked in to evolutionary theory (it seems that she has) because she says that it is based on science and it is basically a proven fact of science. Sherri and the other ones that want it taught in our public school systems can have it taught the minute they bring some hard, falsifiable, scientific evidence forward. Even though Whoopi said that she thinks both should be taught, at least she did say that evolution is science (though that intelligent response is cancelled by the idiocy of saying creationism should be taught). Overall, I did think they cat fight was quite humorous.

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